Emma’s First Months

Emma's first months Are you wanting a newborn session but aren't quite ready for photos right after Baby arrives? Consider this permission slip to do whatever you need to do! There's no hard and fast rule that says you have to take pictures at a certain time

Welcome Rehn

Welcome Rehn On a Friday morning dripping with wet April snow, I walk up the steps to meet a brand new person. It's the third time I've walked into this house to meet a new baby. This time I get to start our session together with a

Happy first year, Addi

Happy first year, Addi It's so tricky to know what to write in blog posts. Sometimes I feel like these stories aren't mine to share - but other times, I see the love and beauty and life that happens inside my clients' lives that I just have

Just… keep… updating

Just... keep... updating This afternoon I sat down and forced myself to put together a physical portfolio (gotta love a good Artifact Uprising sale!) and realized there are SO MANY IMAGES that have never gotten their well-deserved space on my website or blog. Trying to remedy that...

Baby Bea is here!

Baby Bea is here! Oh, sweet Bea. I've seen just a part of your family's story already; everyday life together, then a wedding, and donuts & coffee & dog snuggles... and now you! And since I'm writing this a solid seven months after you were born, I

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