Emma’s first months

Are you wanting a newborn session but aren’t quite ready for photos right after Baby arrives? Consider this permission slip to do whatever you need to do! There’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to take pictures at a certain time of your kids. Newborn sessions aren’t for every family or every baby – maybe you fill up your phone with all the sweet in-between moments of adjusting to your little one’s schedule, or have a family member who takes some photos at the hospital. But a “newborn” session could also be a few months later (when you’re feeling a little more ready to have someone like me in your house wandering around with a camera). Every stage in those first 12 months has something worth documenting – and it’s okay to determine for yourself what particular season you want documented.

At Emma was just starting to “talk” and coo… which means I was making faces at her and talking like an overdramatic cartoon character (I think she liked it?). It was so easy to photograph these three because staring at your beautiful baby is not super difficult when you’re a first-time parent. 🙂


If you like what you’ve seen on this site and want to schedule a session with me or ask more questions, please reach out! Each session looks different for every person and I do my best to find the right way to capture you.