Creating images that matter

What if a photo session didn’t have to be about the way you dressed, or the right lighting, or keeping everyone in line?

It sounds too good to be true, right? It doesn’t have to be!

My philosophy for photo sessions is pretty simple: I want to offer images of life as it is, to help you see significance in the everyday moments – like the ones where toddlers wake up from naps, rosy-cheeked and pigtails awry, with a good belly laugh or a high-stakes Scrabble game.

Being in front of a camera can bring out some insecurities and anxiety and the best way to counteract such pressure is to simply let go of expectations and fear of that horrible photo I could possibly take of a double chin or gray hair or [… fill in the blank with whatever makes you feel most vulnerable].

You should know I have one requirement other, and it’s this: give yourself permission to be yourself. (Yes, I know… easy to say and hard to do.)

It might help for you to see all the other lovely people who have trusted me to document any number of things, from a normal Saturday morning coffee run to a wedding day – and all the everyday moments in between. Ready to dive in?

Life Portfolio


If you like what you’ve seen on this site and want to schedule a session with me or ask more questions, please reach out! Each session looks different for every person and I do my best to find the right way to capture you.