I don’t always think of myself as a photographer

I know – that’s a strange thing to admit in the first line of my bio section, right? But I don’t have my camera glued to my hand at all times, and I’m not trying to follow every new piece of equipment being released or watching the newest trends or what other photographers are doing. I even fail at commemorating my own life moments (like anniversaries, birthdays, vacations – you name it)!

This is really convincing you to hire me, isn’t it?

For me, what matters is listening. Paying attention. Using real life to guide my focus so that a photo is more than just perfect and posed. And after ten years of being in business, I firmly believe a photo matters the most when it’s tied to an experience and a connection between people.

Because of that belief, I keep fighting to tell the truth and restore value to what matters. So this is what I offer: Together, let’s find the unique beauty in your life, your home, your business; I promise it’s there, waiting to be found.

Will you join me?

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

Vincent Van Gogh

A chance to practice giving grace – and receiving it

The truth told in shared life & moments, with no requirement for perfection

A choice to keep growing the good things locally and across the world

Contact Me Today

If you’d like to contact me about a session, I hope you’re able to recognize the inherent invitation to be yourself. Whatever title you may have, whatever state your house is in… please recognize the beauty of what it is, in all of its unpolished and imperfect glory. I can’t wait to see the beauty of your story unfold for us both.