Welcome Rehn

On a Friday morning dripping with wet April snow, I walk up the steps to meet a brand new person.

It’s the third time I’ve walked into this house to meet a new baby. This time I get to start our session together with a sleepy baby nestled in my arm while big sisters and brother cozy up next to me on the couch, giggling about Rehn’s chubby neck and kissable lips and pointing out the special heart and ‘xo’ that oldest sister hand-embroidered onto his blanket.

Then there’s coffee and donuts and stories at the table. Later, a dance party (the kids are getting into the song “That Thing You Do”) and story time upstairs. A bath. More playing. More snuggling.

A photo session with a family I’ve known for 10+ years is like playing a piece of music – there’s a natural ebb and flow, phrasing both loud and soft, fluid movement and innate beauty. We move between rooms like a song moves between verses, enjoying the comfort of home and belonging. 

Sessions like this are a gift for me, because I love these friendships that deepen with passing years as I document each new addition. 


If you like what you’ve seen on this site and want to schedule a session with me or ask more questions, please reach out! Each session looks different for every person and I do my best to find the right way to capture you.