Married: Steph & Nate

Steph & Nate, married at The Cottage Farmhouse There's a reason I drag my feet when it comes to writing a blog post. I mean, after the photos themselves, what is there to say? I could insert all of the cliche things you can think of here

Just… keep… updating

Just... keep... updating This afternoon I sat down and forced myself to put together a physical portfolio (gotta love a good Artifact Uprising sale!) and realized there are SO MANY IMAGES that have never gotten their well-deserved space on my website or blog. Trying to remedy that...

Baby Bea is here!

Baby Bea is here! Oh, sweet Bea. I've seen just a part of your family's story already; everyday life together, then a wedding, and donuts & coffee & dog snuggles... and now you! And since I'm writing this a solid seven months after you were born, I

Married: Brandon & Maria

Brandon & Maria, married at Minnetonka Orchards This wedding is one from the archives, but going back through these images is a reminder of what moments stand the test of time. For me, it's the ones with connection & candidness... with enough mischief mixed in to keep

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