TRIA Orthopedic

Covering the bases from surgery to recovery (and everything in between)

Since the beginning our work together, I’ve been creating images for TRIA Orthopedic to keep the style of their web images cohesive – from more approachable provider portraits to the aesthetics of new spaces to a visual explanation of patient-centered care. TRIA has an extensive list of physical therapy programs like Aquatic Therapy, Return to Throwing, and Cycling.

TRIA has now expanded to four locations around the Twin Cities, and it’s so exciting for me to continue documenting new spaces and specialties for their growing influence.

“We’ve worked with Monika for over three years and continue to be happy with the quality of her work, and how she helps both staff and patients feel at ease in front of the camera. She truly understands how to capture the look we’ve envisioned.”

Jamie Liang, Sr. Communications Consultant


If you like what you’ve seen on this site and want to schedule a session with me or ask more questions, please reach out! Each session looks different for every person and I do my best to find the right way to capture you.