Tech Discounts

Finding a way to reduce and reuse… with a purpose

Tech Discounts, an extension of Tech Dump that focuses on refurbished electronics, carries a two-fold mission: to provide on-the-job training for those with barriers to employment, and to bring damaged electronics back to a useful state. As CEO Amanda LaGrange states, “We’re proving that nothing needs to be disposed — electronics or people.”

The photos I’ve created for Tech Discounts have highlighted both the end-product as well as the refurbishing process and have been used for in-store banners to mobile apps to print articles.

“Monika’s photos have been key to our ability to produce quality marketing collateral. We can better tell our story and grow our organization with her images.”

Amanda LaGrange, CEO


If you like what you’ve seen on this site and want to schedule a session with me or ask more questions, please reach out! Each session looks different for every person and I do my best to find the right way to capture you.