Grant & Becky’s first year of being married

In April I made the trek out to Abbotsford, BC to see Grant & Becky  just a few days before they celebrated their first wedding anniversary. (It was the perfect excuse to have them be in front of my camera – because I’m tricky like that.) This may be an overly confident statement, but I’m going to make it anyway: I’ve never seen two people meld their lives together so beautifully in such a short span of time. Even though it’s a temporary residence, their apartment exudes the warmth and comfort of a well-established home because it’s the heart of who they are. And I don’t mean it’s just the things they’ve collected and added to their space.

The first year of marriage is always a full one; these two have made sure to fill it with laughing, music, dancing and beauty. (Happy one year … four months late :/ )

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