Project Description

East Side Table

Community dinner to celebrate east side St. Paul communities

Thirteen organizations came together to create East Side Table, an initiative that faced the issue of the food and well-being needs of the east side communities of St. Paul. They help to grow awareness of and access to healthy foods primarily through make-at-home meal kits that also honor the various cultures in the community.  

On a gorgeous summer evening in and around a community garden, families arrived to sample from various local food trucks and chefs. My favorite moment happened when a young boy saw inside a brick pizza oven for the first time and realized there was, in fact, a real fire inside! As he talked with the chef, it was obvious to me how food can create opportunities to connect with one another.

The East Side Table website states their vision best: “By coming together we can celebrate culture, create relationships, nourish our bodies, and nourish our souls along the way.”

“I’ve worked with Monika on both personal and professional settings and continue to be blown away by the caliber and quality of her work. The life of our programming is the community members we serve and Monika’s work captures their spirit and beauty in a candid, real life way.”

Terese Hill, East Side Table


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