Gene & Linda, before their big move

They were closing a chapter of their lives and moving into a new one – a new home, a new season of retirement, being closer to grandkids. And yet when I thought about it, I wondered: how they could say goodbye to all the normal routines and personalized corners of their art-filled condo in a way they could look back on later and remember with joy?

They created a life together in this space, and I wanted to document that.

It took a little convincing (this sounded like an odd idea to them, since they didn’t exactly know what I was imagining) but I showed up with my camera, we talked about all the things they had enjoyed doing in this space… and ultimately they trusted me enough to live some of these things out in front of me.

Hugs while cooking, and crossword puzzles at the kitchen table.
Laughter and goofiness exchanged in equal measure.
Quietness, sacred space carved into the study.
The comfort of listening and sharing after difficult days.


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